Rock on!

Rock on indeed
This Saturday (7Sept) Rockingham Motor Speedway hosts Rounds 7&8 of The Dunlop TVR Challenge (DTC) 2023.
We are here today for the testing session and several TVRs are here. Tim Hood in the gull wing Sagaris is running very quickly as you’d expect, Jason Cleggs S6 Tuscan too running some more aero including the “sonic the hedgehog” vortex generators along with his stable mate Chris HB in the “Jaffa” Chim.
On the News front, Danny Winstanley won’t be out for the rest of the year and not for the next year or two! He has bought a Caterham R300 and will contest their Championship. The car is up for sale after a deal fell through earlier in the week. A sad loss to TVRs but I’d put money on the fact that they’ll be back.
Also, Steve Glynns “We Know Vino” purple Sag that was scheduled to run this weekend won’t be out as it shredded a gearbox in Test session 1. Completely fritzed other gearboxes were tried but unfortunately no solution was found. A blow to Steve who has already missed a round or two due to work and family stuff.
So, the weather held for testing and those brave enough to come out have the advantage. With Qually and two Races on one day – tomorrow will be fun.


Anglesey Race 3…Wet

Just minutes before the guys were called, the heavens opened and down it came. The sudden downpour made wets obvious though the stair rods stopped the the rain persisted.

Most braved the terrible conditions and were rewarded with a superb race. Once again the 2 Sags disappeared and once again the heavily developed Jetblackracing Sag pulled away with the benefit of functioning aero and traction control. Darren Dowlings AJP Sag was not far behind and a long way ahead of the rest of the pack.
Keith VW had first contact, tapping Darren Smith into a spin at the top of the circuit though he fought back well.
Keith, Tim and Deano the had a top battle for A honours with Deano coming out on top for once. Keith had a severe misfire.

Jason Cleggs beautiful SP6 Tuscan ran really well in the bad conditions netting him a 6th overal ahead of Christian Douglas wetting his (and not his due baby’s ) head in his first wet race finishing ahead of Darren Smith and John Seary (a strong result for JS too)
Graham Walden took GpB again but he nearly threw it away with an off on the last lap with Dave Chant and Billy Thompson not far behind.
Chris Heywood Brown took GpC again and is now favourite for the overal championship as Tim Hood only gains 1/2 points with only 2 SuperA starters.
James Hewitt spun a couple of time but was very respectable on the conditions as was Jim Walsh who rounded up the Race.
Brave stuff from the guys and a big hand from us the punters who watched the show.
Onto Rockingham now, and the (frankly superb) in car vids we have will be up on YouTube/tvrmonster in a day or two

Anglesey Race 1 of 3

20 TVRs from 200-550 Bhp a great crockscrew circuit and sunshine, how much better can it be?

Well for Tim Hood the answer was …not much. After loosing traction on the grid Tim dropped back to third but fought back to take the win after a terrific battle with Danny Winstanley for a full 8 laps.
Nose to tail they pulled away at a terrific pace with Darren Dowling hanging on in his AJP Sag will the two Chevys tussled. Catching the back markers on only lap 6 traffic played its part but it was clear that Danny’s car was getting more wayward at the rear whereas Tim’s was on rails. 4 years of development in the yellow car was paying dividends and would allow Tim to control the race for the latter half by gaping Danny at around 5 seconds.
Elsewhere Dean Cook and Tim Davis had a great set too until Tim’s car coasted to a stop at Rocket. Christian Douglas ran strongly to take 5th ahead of the tustleing Keith V-W and Billy T.
Graham Walden took GpB ahead of GpA Daz Smith and Jason Cleggs who’d spun at Radar.
Dave Chant was steady in 11th with

20130803-175430.jpgDave Stewart happy to be on the GpB podium in 3rd/12th overall.
No incidents just loads of close racing as the sun shines.
Back tomorrow with races 2 and 3. The weather forecast is for storms so it could get very wet very quickly!
Look out for our new latest onboard videos on tvrmonster YouTube. We had a camera in Tim’s Sagaris today and the footage is superb!!!

Anglesey Qually 2013

The honours went to the three Sags as expected
Tim Hood 1:07:9
Danny Winstanley 1:08:6
Darren Dowling 1:09.9
Next Tim Davis hit 1:12:0 just ahead of Dean Cook at :12:2. Christian Douglas ran a well driven :13:1 ahead of Darren Smith also in GpA
B runner Graham Waldens :14:7 was a great time as was GpC pole Jim Walsh ahead of heyward-Browns Chim for the first time.
The weathers holdiing so a top race is to be expected.


Remarkably sunny dawn…

…over Anglesey as the Racers rise for scrutineering.
Dave Stewarts Griff returns with its new engine, Jason Cleggs S6 Tuscan is looking feisty and everyone is buzzing as the sun shines over the paddock.
There’s a bit off on shore breeze which may upset the aero cars but basically it couldn’t be much better

Only one real drama on testing. Keith Vaughan-Williams had a fairly big off on the way into Rocket, removing most of the front right corner with the tyre wall. The paddock has rallied round though and wishbones, Rads and glass fibre have all been sourced and with Rob (their mechanics) magic wand working overtime the car is back together for scrutineering and a tentative Qually!
Well done guys!