Spa 6 hour Classic – Qually

I have come to the Spa Classic several times but never once thought I would actually be in it!
The classic is just that. One of Spas top weekends when all the best period (pre ’65) FIA logged race cars come to the best GP circuit in the world to race.
On the book today we have 50s sports cars, pre 80s classics, F1 cars the lot.

We are driving a ’63 TVR Grantura and are up against MGBs, 911s, Marcos’s, and another Grantura.
Also on the race however are GT40s, Cobras, Griffith 400s, Falcons, Mustangs…allsorts. And all Bona-Fide FIA classics.





The new engine suffered a head gasket failure during Qually, but Topcats Racing who are now running the car have diagnosed the problem and causing factors, and now have the car ready for the race. Neil Higgins (car owner with Owen O’Neil) put up a pretty good Qually time as the head gasket went – not caused by his driving I should add – so we aren’t too miss placed but the important thing is that we are on the Grid and ready to go.

Anyway, I’m off to watch some more £1M race cars dicing at Spa!
Life can be good!