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21 March 2009

TVR Race Footage library.

Kev Dunnington (our mate Kevin63, of Chatsworth House fame) has just put up a couple of Tuscan Challenge races he found in his attic on Utube. There’s some fabulous footage there of the RV8 Tuscans giving it the beams at Mallory and the soundtrack is amazing. Gerry Marshall gets away in race 2 and shows them how it’s done and he would have been well into his 50s then I’d guess. I liked them so much that I have decided to put them all in one place, so I have started a “Classic Race section” in our Galleries. I’ve added the Birmingham Super Prix clips that UB found - including Jimmy McRae’s in car footage - plus a couple of great clips from Phil’s Grantura, which he regularly campaigns across Europe in Historic racing. There’s also a couple of other interesting TVR clips too such as the original Speed12 racing, LeMans pitstop and the HUGE GT crash at Oulton in the rainstorm.

Grab a cup of coffee, make sure you have half an hour or so, and have a look. Those guys are the reason that we are all out there doing our best today.


If you have any footage of earlier we be happy to host it for you, or if you find any other ones on Utoob, drop me a line or post in the forums and I’ll get them up!

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