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27 February 2007

Speed Six Airbox

ACT Performance Products & Carbon Design Technology have joined forces to produce a range of high quality carbon fibre products for tvrs

Tim Lamont (ACT) and Allan Thompson (CDT) are delighted to announce the release of the first joint product, a replacement air-box system for the Speed Six engine.


  • Full Autoclaved Carbon Fibre construction for Strength and Durability

  • Optional individual internal trumpets to maximise torque

  • High quality stainless steel catches

  • Supplied with Free-flowing Pipercross air filter


suitable for tvr Tuscan, Tamora, T350 & Sagaris

The project has been helped along by tvr Tuscan owner Richard Wallis (BigGriff) who has been enthusiastic and kindly let us use his air-box and trial fit in his own car to help develop the system.


Standard Airbox, icluding new filter

£755 excluding UK Delivery & VAT

Performance Airbox, includes internal trumpets & filter

£875 excluding UK Delivery & VAT

Inquiries to:

ACT Performance Products Ltd

0870 7070110

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