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03 June 2008

tvr Wins at Spa!!!!!!

The Trackpower tvr Sagaris GT3 of Dennis Leech and Richard Stanton has triumphed at Spa over the weekend, in the Britcars Series. Qualifying on the front row and running well through the entire 4hr race the Sagaris beat the Porkers and Moslers by an entire lap (4 mils!) at our favourite track to take what I’m certain is the tvr lap record at 2m:27.5s. I believe the previous lap record was 2m29 by Jamie Campbell-Waters in an AJP Tuscan (which shows how damn quick HE was!) both of which beat our own Monster Sagariff PB of 2m57s in road trim on R888s.

Anyway, the team, Dennis Leech, Richard Stanton, Richard Hay and Andy Britnell (our own Mike Caine was busy maintaining his Championship lead in the Porker Cup GB at Croft) have been consistently on the pace all season and have continued to build on solid performances. Here they have overcome the usual suspects of 997’s, Molsler GT3s, Fezza 430 GT3’s and the like with only Ian “Fluxy” Flux (Ex-Tuscan Champ) posting - and in fact taking the fastest lap - in his GT3 Mosler.

We have more details on the car in our article “Who’s the Daddy?” seen in our news archive where we witnessed the first outing of the car, on test for the Britcar 24hrs at Silverstone in 2007. The car is living up to it’s promise in 2008 and can seen next at Brands Hatch on Saturday June 14th in the Britcars 2HR starting at 13:00. We wish them all the best of course and will be there to record it for you prior to racing ourselves in the tvr Challenge on Sunday 15th.

I should also say that the new Team Sagaris GTF of Tim Hood is also expected to be running in its maiden round in the same 2hr race. We’ll have more soon as we are at the Tim’s first test tomorrow to film it for “tvrmonster” and TVRCC’s “Sprint”.

An excellent excuse to get out and see some tvr Motorsport in June. There hasn’t been a better time for years!


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