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28 January 2008


Well we are fresh back from our latest Academy day. This time we were at Snett with Mike Caine, trying to learn a little bit more about the circuit and how to drive it! We were also testing our new aero kit from SC-Power.

I love the look of the kit. I had asked Colin & Dave (International monsters themselves) to give me the best kit possible. The look was not too important, but I did want as much air effect as possible within the cars regular footprint. This should mean its OK for this years Group B regs, unless something changes. As you can see, they went for the full DTM bit and it looks superb. Not for everyone I know but I'm after the Griff-Max so it was always going to look edgy!

I'm happy to say that the balance was pretty good straight away. The car did feel a touch light at the back (probably due to the added downforce at the front) but was stable and secure at speed. We hit 130+ on the big back straight.

As the day wore on, we were able to post times (from video) of 1m:21.4 against our qualy time from last year of 1m:20.8. Half a second slower? How does that stack up? Well very well indeed is the answer. We were using R888s, which are good but do still lose out against full slicks, and I was carrying the not so slim frame of GriffTim in the car on both hot I would hope for times around the 1m:19's or even 1m:18s in the summer on a full race set up.

So now the kit is looking seriously impressive. With a fresh look at our set up, to allow for the additional downforce, I'm certain that the car will be VERY quick. I'm completely happy with the front of the car at the moment as far as grip goes. It's turn in and braking are just awesome and with a little more to come from the back...I'm a very happy bunny!
We will continue to develop the kit over the summer ( I should remind you all that this is the MAX version developed for racing - though it is removable in around 20mins and is tall enough to get over speed bumps  and will keep you abreast of developments...but for a first outing...this was a VERY good day.

Here's to Oulton next month! Lets pray for another dry one!!!

Oh yes, due to the new look, we thought the car ought to have a new name. So it's goodbye "Monster"...


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