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02 April 2011

N’Ring Guru Ron Simons wins his court battle with new ‘Ring giant Nurburgring Automotive Gmbh.

The conglomerate of local businessmen and banks has tried to ban any competition at the Ring including instruction and even accommodation. Following the massive redevelopment on the circuit that no-one really wanted, prices have rocketed and numbers dwindled as they tried to recoup their massive spend whilst Europe plunged into recession.
This Court battle has been the focus of local businesses and international friends of the circuit as Ron and his team took NA Gmbh to the Law in a fight for survival.

Here’s the report (translated) from their newsletter.

RSRNurburg wins legal battle against Nurburgring Automotive 

Over the winter RSRNurburg was tight up in a legal battle with the new Nurburgring regime

Last week  the High Court senate of judges made it very clear to the Nurburgring Automotive GmbH that their case is an abuse against the German Anti Trust laws. RSRNurburg was banned from the track for a second time effective december 2010. RSRNurburg was accused from driver training during tourist traffic on the Nordschleife. Since this is ‘unsafe’ according to Nurburgring Automotive GmbH, this is not allowed. Important detail is that Nurburgring Automotive offers the same product to customers since this year (and there's rumours of a major accident with injury last week in one of their courses). 

Nurburgring Automotive has a monopoly and by banning RSRNurburg from the track they are abusing this monopoly. Besides this protection from Anti Trust competition rights, RSRNurburg also holds a contract dated january 2010 which can never be terminated (since termination would be against the Anti Trust law). Due to the fact that the High Court is the last station, there is no option for an appeal for the Nurburgring.   

‘justice still exists and even the Nurburgring is not above the law. Many companies are affected by the questionable dealings of the new regime. I truly hope that this is inspiration for all of them to raise their voices and take on the fight’ said Ron Simons after the court case.

Following the verdict, RSR have released new trackdates for the Ring and other European circuits and continue as one of Europes leading Trackday, Track car hire and Driver coaching companies.

April 1st Nordschleife (8am - 1pm)
April 26th Nordschleife Grand Turismo (full day)
April 27th GP track Grand Turismo (half day)
April 28th Nordschleife Grand Turismo (full day)
May 3rd Nordschleife (8am - 1pm)
July 11th Nordschleife (8am - 1pm)

Eu575 per day.    See

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