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09 April 2009

Donie move to Rockers!!!

We have just been told today (Thu 9th April PM) that the 20th Anniversary Meeting will be moved to Rockingham Motor Speedway, home of the TVR 60th Diamond Event.


As some of you may have read, Donington Park has had issues with the new circuit, specifically infrastructure around the new facilities and how they interface with the circuit. I understand the major problem to be with safety at and around the under track tunnel connecting the new car parks with the infield and the new Paddock area being built for F1. Questions have also been raised on the funding for the new circuit as no contractors or security have been seen on site for a week or two now. A major factor in the Britcar move no doubt.

Recent race meetings have been under waved yellows around the Macleans corner sector, making mixed class racing very difficult indeed with faster cars getting caught amongst slower cars when lapping. This would obviously be an issue for The Challenge as we have the latest Sagaris/GTF cars running with 1970s and 80s cars. The speed differential is huge.


Britcar, Britcar Production & Dutchspercar today confirmed that they are moving to Rockingham to ensure a solid weekend of trouble free racing (remember they run endurance races of 90mins each) and we are certain to follow as we are run by the same motorsport body – the MSA.

As this is breaking today, you can be sure that the TVRCC Meet/facilities/tickets etc will be valid at Rockers, and we will be there along with all the other Racers.

Although it may be a pain now, as I was really looking forward to racing at Donie myself, I’m sure this will be better in the long run and that we will have full grids in all races and MUCH better racing all round.

The date remains the same…Rounds 3 & 4 - 2/3rd May – Rockingham Speedway.

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