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22 February 2011

A new partner for TVRmonster Powervamp Racing

Always looking for new opportunities to offer world-class products, we are happy to announce that the full range of POWERVAMP RACING batteries and ancillaries are now available in our shop.

Powervamp Racing are one of the UK’s largest Race battery and equipment suppliers and are constantly growing their range of Race and Aircraft products. We have used their products on our car for several years and have now fitted them to our new car giving a considerable weight saving (12kg) whilst increasing specification.  Renewing the battery, isolator, leads and connectors – all with superior products has proven cost effective too. The more modern Powervamp items are superior due to the massive advance in materials technology and build techniques so it’s a win – win situation.

PowerVamp Racing batteries (PVR) are branded products from the worlds largest and best Aero / Race battery maker. Also known as Hawker/Enersys/Odyssey Powervamp are still made in the UK on the same production line. The other Red Tops such as Varley have moved production to China and quality has suffered. So make sure you buy british and best. Powervamp at TVRMonster!

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Custom leads

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Check out our shop!   MASSIVE stocks available
Anything custom or anything you don’t see just hasn’t been added yet so just ask.

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