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03 April 2011

DTEC launches new website

TVR racing hasn’t been missing much over the last few years…but it has missed this.

An online portal for Drivers and Fans is essential in modern racing and finally the Dunlop TVR European Challenge (DTEC) has one. One was attempted for 2009 but unfortunately even though John Read spent good money along with Series sponsor Owen O’Neil (who also raced an A Tuscan and sponsored the TV too) the results weren’t as we’d hoped due to a mish-mash of Official/Unofficial sources and a lack of Teamwork and support. However…

This year. 2011, sees the arrival of a new site (again supported by John Read and the Series) but this time being developed by an inhouse team. Racer and software dude Graham Walden, DTEC Media guy Mal Gwynne (also a Race Marshall and TVR race supporter for many years) and Tony Crockford. This time, control and content will be added by the Team above and drivers so we can hope that the site will be the accurate and interesting focal point we would all like it to be.

Everything you could wish to know about The Dunlop TVR European Challenge will be there. Results, pictures and reports from all the races. Videos from the cars, driver info, Sponsor info as well as how to go racing and necessary paperwork links and downloads.

Its really important to keep the hit rate up on this new site, so go and have a look and if there’s anything that you think would help the site or would add to its appeal give Mal a shout at and he’ll have a look at it. Please remember though, it’s only just been launched and content will be adding all the time.

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