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17 September 2007

Blackpool Rocks the Sportscar circuit.

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Long time tvr Trackday demon and Challenge Veteran, Darren Smith, took on the best of the Northern Sportcar racers at Oulton Park today. Darren is an aficionado of this cracking Cheshire circuit, but this was always going to be a Challenge as well as a whole lot of fun.

Running in Class 1 of the AMOC Super GTs race (Aston Martin Owners Club), Darren had some stiff opposition. Porkers and Fezza’s were in there along with an Exige and even a ‘charged Elise. The Pole Sitter Porker was driven by no less than Richard Chamberlain who drives a front running Porsche in the European Cup series. So he’ll be easy to get by then!

Qualying Sixth, Darren had a spirited race, tussling with a Ferrari 355 Challenge and then the Lotus Exige. After popping the Fezza on the restart a full on chase was on until Darren (who runs the ex-Ben Samuelson car) pressured the Exige into running wide on the pen-ultimate lap.

The result was a Podium for Darren and his Team, who have been, and still are mainstays of tvr racing up North. You may recognise some “Monsters” in the Crew, included Fred Tonge (less his stunning red GTF Sagaris today and himself on the Podium at O/P only a week or two ago) and Kev 63 resident South Yorks Photographer (and now Pit Crew it seems)

“The Aston Owners organised a good show with the Super GT race , although the grid contained no Astons - there were Porsche, Ferrari, 2 Lotus and us.

We got soundly dusted by the 935 of Richard Chamberlain - but it reputed to be the fastest racing Porsche in the UK so fair do's cool

The Summit Preparation 993 GT2 race car in 2nd was a fine piece of Pork and was knocking on enough to win 2nd.

We had some excellent, close (too close!) racing with the Supercharged Type R Exige which howled, spit flames and generally went far quicker than an Exige has the right too hehe- talk of over 400 bhp in the paddocks - I don’t know but it kept the Tuscan honest even on the straights yikes.

A 355 Challenge and 512 TR Fezza also provided some good racing - the 512 sounding magnificent especially up close at full chat.

All in all a good day.......

Unfortunately, following publication of the "pink lycra shorts" pic, I have been forced to hook up with contacts in Panama - who will provide me with a new identity - before carrying on to a remote area of South America where I intend to quietly run a small ranch breeding livestock - probably Llamas.”

A great weekends racing by the look of it, check out all the pics in out gallery!

Well Done Darren!

Pics by Kev6

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