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19 September 2006

Griffith 200 Race Project.

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I’m sure that most of you will know John, if only by reputation or by his car – the Chevy Chim. John (Jellison) is a guy who says what he wants and does what he says. That can upset some people but I don’t have a problem with that. John races a 300 bhp Triumph TR4 (I used to be in Triumphs myself) and has put a 400 bhp Chevy LS6 into his Chimaera. And a lovely job he has made of it too. Add to this that John was at the first “monster” event at Snetterton last year and has always gone with the “don’t replace…upgrade” maxim that I am so fond of myself, and you can see why we get on.

Johns Cars prep'd shell inside

It was there that he was coveting Steve Watton’s gorgeous Race Griffith 200, which was absolutely flying round Snett. Unlike most of us (and as normal) John has gone that little bit further…and bought one!
(Note – Steve Watton is also covering the Historic Racing section for us for the remainder of the year so watch out for that).

He has just bought one. Trips right of the tongue that one; but saying and doing are two completely different things. Firstly they are very rare cars. Only a couple of hundred were built in total and only 20 or so in RHD! Well-sorted original RHD cars are changing hands at circa £80k! IF you can find someone who wants to sell!!!

original block Chassis Real Steel

John found his in France and after checking the car and its history out comprehensively he snapped it up. He is currently bringing it back to the UK to finish its total restoration, taking to full race trim and, yes you’ve guessed it, he’ll be campaigning the car in 2008. John has kindly agreed to keep us posted with the project so that we can catalogue this true “tvr Monster’s” return to glory.

So watch out for John column. It’s bound to be colourful!

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