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21 August 2006

tvrmonster supports a “tvr Challenge”

We are very pleased to announce that is now supporting Mark Freeman in his own tvr Challenge. As you may know, the principle of is to support all forms of tvr Motorsport and assist wherever possible so we are very happy to be associated with Marks campaign.

Mark has been a late addition to the “Challenge” but nevertheless he had an impressive start at Rockingham in the group C class, completing both rounds and recording a fastest lap in the first race. His Tasmin 2.8i (the Ex- car) is already competitive as it had a full rebuild in 2000, having had every upgrade allowed at the time completed, producing around 200bhp. It had seen little use since and was brought back to fighting form by our own Dulford Autos (who provide our support vehicles on our “tvrmonster Internationals”) so we were hoping for great things, but even we didn’t expect such a strong start.

Mark Freeman
mark freeman

Anyway, Mark will be giving us an insight in how you get into, prepare and develop a tvr Challenge campaign. The highs, lows and sacrifices you have to make and hopefully what makes a successful challenger. He has some impressive plans for the future and many of the pieces are already falling into place, so we are delighted to have this opportunity to help promote and support Mark from the start and intend to be in for the long term.

As always Mark and like everyone in Motorsport, is running on a limited budget. So if you can help with sponsorship or support in what I am sure is the start of a successful racing career, please feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll put you in touch with relevant people.

Watch out for Marks reports, pics and vids, in his column in our Motorsport section. We wish Mark all the best for a successful and safe campaign.

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