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4 February 2007

Heart of the Beast - Exclusive

Here are the first pictures of the hybrid drivetrain for the GTF 600R. These are not photoshop mock ups or computer generated images, these are the actual units that are currently being dropped into the first car.
This is the ProMaster Developments, custom built Chevy unit for the first full on GTF which should be about testing quite soon. It has been specifically developed for racing, with its dry sump, twin plate racing clutch/flywheel and sequential 'box all feeding a bespoke Diff. Interestingly, the bellhousing has been designed to take the speed 6 and Cerbera gearbox and clutch, which will allow customers to mix and match if costs are an issue or if they already have their own kit. This is serious equipment for a very serious car and well thought out. Hmmm, I wonder if you could put a GTF Chevy in a Cerbera? 
This unit will be producing around 500 bhp and 600nm of torque. All driving a car with a very low centre of gravity and an aero package that weights around 900kg. Outstanding!
Keep your eye on tvrmonster for information on where you can see the GTF 600R in action next! And don't forget, Tim Hoods Black GTF, Fred Tonges Red GTF and Steve Glynns Purple GTF (all Tuscan based with AJPs) will be contesting the Dunlop TVRCC Challenge this year, as well as a host of Tuscans, Griffs, Cerbs, Chims, Tasmins and even the odd T350!
2007 is going to be a great year for tvr Motorsport!

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